Portuguese-American Authors Reading at San Jose History Park

539817_280612468680375_438094220_nPlease join us next week in San Jose for the latest installment of Kale Soup for the Soul, Portuguese-American authors reading work about family, food, Portuguese culture and more.

Sunday, January 19th from 1-4:00 (wine and appetizers provided).
Pacific Hotel, Renzel Room
History Park, San Jose, CA

Lineup of authors include:

Sam Pereira, from Los Banos, California. His books include: The Marriage of the Portuguese, Brittle Water, A Cafe in Boca. His most recent book, Dusting on Sunday (Tebot Bach) was released in December 2012.

Ahmed Al-Sheikh, born in Saudi Arabia, to a Saudi father and an immigrant Portuguese mother from Corvo, Azores. His first novel, Lunen: Triblood, is self published in several ebook formats as well as print.

Darrel Kastin, his books include the novel The Undiscovered Island, short story collection, The Conjurer & Other Azorean Tales, with two new novels: A Tale of the Azorean Nights, and Inês de Castro: Queen after Death forthcoming. He is also a musician and composer.

Millicent Borges Accardi, author of three poetry books: Injuring Eternity, Woman on a Shaky Bridge, and Only More So(forthcoming). She lives in Los Angeles.

Anthony Barcellos grew up speaking Portuguese on his grandfather’s dairy farm in Porterville, and is the author of the novel Land of Milk and Money (Tagus Press). He is a math professor at American River College in Sacramento.

This reading has been kindly sponsored by Portuguese Heritage Publications of California.

Note: There are several historic buildings within History Park, including the Portuguese Museum. Our event will take place in the Historical Pacific Hotel. History Park is located at the corner of Senter Road and Phelan Avenue, accessible by VTA line 73. Parking is available in the City of San José parking lot at the end of Phelan Avenue

Portuguese-Americans in Tulare: A time for celebration and reflection

By Diniz (Dennis) Borges Special to the Tulare Voice

The Portuguese-American community in Tulare is changing. Our immigration began in the 19th century and had two strong waves in the 20th century: from 1902 to 1921 and again from 1959 to 1978.

Diniz (Dennis) BorgesAs the community integrates, and rightly so, into America’s mainstream, and as the younger generations become more American and less Portuguese, our associations and cultural organizations also must adapt and transform.

So as we celebrate the numerous events of 2013, we must also put forth a reflected and ambitious plan for 2014 and beyond.

Ask anyone in Tulare about the activities of the Portuguese-American and you will get a similar response: Festas. These traditional events have been part of the religious and cultural idiosyncrasies of our community since we came from the Azores islands.

This year, one of the most remarkable events was indeed the Portuguese Holy Ghost Celebration (Festa do Divino Espírito Santo). Held in Tulare for more than 100 years, most of the celebrations have been under the auspices of the TDES hall.

This year’s event was an exceptional celebration put forth by a large committee lead by Manuel and Alda Lawrence, both emigrants from the Azores, who came to America at a very young age. Through their vision, leadership and community unity, they were able to conjugate an amalgam of activists and groups, constructing a weeklong event that celebrated a 700 year old tradition.

They were able to congregate folks of all age groups from students to senior citizens.  The Lawrences certainly took an important and much needed step in making the Festa (as it is popularly known) a celebration that involved the entire community. Kudos to the Lawrences for their significant contribution and leadership.

Our next step must be in the direction of making sure the Festa is part of our mainstream social and cultural calendar, with more visibility and totally opened to all the ethnic and racial groups that compose our truly unique human mosaic.

Tulare’s Portuguese-American community had an array of events in 2013, mostly social and gastronomical, celebrating some cyclical traditions brought over from the Azores islands. Amongst them were:

  • Matança do Porco (Killing of the Pig) at Tulare-Angrense Athletic Club in March.
  •  S. Martinho (celebrating the new wine) by the Portuguese Cultural and Evangelization Center in October.
  •  Danças do Carnaval (Mardi Gras) in February, a vaudeville type of performance that involves groups from various parts the state, at both TDES and TAAC halls.
  •  Epiphany celebration by the students at the Portuguese Language school Vitorino Nemésio at St. Aloysius Catholic Church.
  •  The yearly celebration of popular culture and philharmonic band presentation in August, promoted by the Tulare Portuguese Philharmonics Band.
  •  The Portuguese-American County Breakfast, Tastes and Sounds of the Azores, Azorean-American Cultural Week (in October); Portuguese Immigrant Week (March); Portuguese-American Heritage Days (April), Portuguese Education Day (Oct. 22) and the MVPA Awards promoted by the Society of Portuguese-American Students (SOPAS) with the collaboration of other Portuguese-American organizations such as: CPEC, TAAC and TDES.

The year was also manifested by cultural events put forth by the Tulare-Angra Sister City Foundation, including a performance by two Azorean poets and singers, co-sponsored by SOPAS, promoting the richness of the Portuguese poetry; and a book presentation co-sponsored by the Tulare Historical Museum.

The book, a first in the Portuguese-American community, was entitled: “California’s Portuguese Politicians: a Century of Legislative service.” It was researched and written by Dr. Alvin Graves, who worked for many years at the local Wells Fargo Bank, and features the individual and collective stories of several Portuguese-Americans who have served at the state and national level, in our state and national legislative bodies.

One of those featured, Tulare resident and Congressman Devin Nunes, was the keynote speaker at the book launching.

This very elegant, hard covered book, was published by the Portuguese Heritage Publications of California, the primary publishing house of the history of the Portuguese in this state and one of the foremost Portuguese-American publishers in the country. It was certainly an honor for our community to host the first and official launching in our city.

The Tulare-Angra Sister City Foundation also hosted, with the collaboration of other organizations, the visit of Dr. Paulo Teves, director of Azorean communities, and the Sanjoaninas Committee.

This yearly visit promotes the June SanJoaninas (St. John’s) celebration, the largest celebration Angra do Heroismo, Tulare’s Sister City on Terceira Island, holds.

As the Portuguese-American community continues its metamorphosis into the American mainstream, it must look into its celebrations and cultural events – some of them seeing fewer and fewer participants each year – and reflect seriously not only on which need to be maintained, but also on what needs to be worked and reworked in order to fit the acculturation process our community undergoing.  This is a healthy and natural process in a community that 35 years ago ceased to have significant immigration.

In 2014, we in the Portuguese-American community must look into our soul and collectively reflect on how we are going to preserve and promote, within our families and with our neighbors and friends from other ethnic groups in Tulare, our traditions, our culture and our ties to the islands that we, or our forefathers, left in the middle of the North Atlantic.

Diniz (Dennis) Borges is a Portuguese language instructor at Tulare Union High School and College of the Sequoias. He is also president of the North American Portuguese Teacher’s Association and the secretary of the National Organization of Portuguese-Americans

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Portuguese Heritage Publications of California, Inc. is a non-profit organization, created to research, preserve and disseminate for
educational purposes, vanishing memories and current relevant events about the Portuguese presence in California.

Capelinhos: A Volcano of Synergies, on Curriculum at Leslie University

Tony Goulart    Capelinhos: A Volcano of Synergies, a project by Tony Goulart, published by Portuguese Heritage Publications of California, is considered as one of the most current and complete works of socio- anthropological research on the second wave of Portuguese emigration to America and its impact on host societies on both U.S. coasts. Leslie University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, just chose to adopt the book as a compendium of the curriculum of the Institute of Cultural Studies for Diversity taught by that university

Alongside the book ” Blindness ” written by the Nobel Prize for Literature José Saramago, also selected for the same purpose, the book of the Portuguese Heritage Publications of California, a publication coordinated by Tony Goulart , during the commemorations of the 50th anniversary of the Capelinhos volcano.

The book  eventually received the distinction and its prominent place that much honor and dignify the work of the publisher and its coordinator, as well as all contributors to the project from California , New England and the Azores, including the Committee Capelinhos 50/California, who participated in the preparation of this important document, as well as the Regional Secretary for the Communities and the Presidency of the Azores Government, who supported the publishing initiative.

Tony Goulart was invited by Leslie University to make a presentation on November 14th. as Keynote Speaker of the 2013 Cultural Studies Special Lecture . The lecture , which will be open to the academic community of Leslie University and guests, will be held from 5:30 to 6:30 pm in University Hall, 1815 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, Massachusetts. After the lecture, a reception will take place at the same location.

Portuguese Heritage Publications of California, Inc. is a non-profit organization, created to research, preserve and disseminate for educational purposes, vanishing memories and current relevant events about the Portuguese presence in California. To learn more about PHPC Inc. and its publications, please visit: www.PortugueseBooks.Org

August Mark Vaz – A Pioneer and a Friend

From its inception, Portuguese Heritage Publications of California was fortunate enough to have received the enthusiastic support and encouragement of August Mark Vaz to go forward with its Mission to research, preserve and disseminate vanishing memories and relevant historic events about the Portuguese presence in California.

When asked to collaborate on our first publication The Holy Ghost Festas – A Historic Perspective of the Portuguese in California, he replied with a generous and resounding “definitely”!

August Mark Vaz was a pioneer in California Portuguese historiography. His book The Portuguese in California, published in 1965, is still recognized today as a most valuable reference for the history of the Portuguese immigrant experience in California. His passing on September 12, 2013, leaves a recognizable void within the Portuguese-American literary community, as well as the community at large.

Portuguese Heritage Publications of California is most grateful for August Mark Vaz generous contribution, enthusiastic support and friendship. We extend our sincere condolences to his family. Paz á sua alma (May his soul rest in peace).

Henrique Dinis

President, PHPC, Inc.

California’s Portuguese Politicians – A Century of Legislative Service

Portuguese Heritage Publications of California in partnership with Fundação Luso-Americana (FLAD) are pleased to announce the release of their publication: California’s Portuguese Politicians – A Century of Legislative Service, scheduled to be released to the general public in late Fall of this year. The publication is currently in print stage.

Some segments of our readership may find the subject of this book to fall short of the level of interest raised by prior publications of our well known Heritage Collection. After all, politics and politicians carry with them an undeniable stigma, particularly considering the current heavily partisan and polarized national political environment.


Dr. Al Graves, Author

Painstakingly cognizant that every decision carries with it inherent risk, Portuguese Heritage Publications of California and Fundação Luso-Americana (FLAD), have taken an important step to capture and document this lesser known but not less fascinating aspect of the Portuguese immigrant experience in California.

We believe that to gain insight into the awareness and commitment of a community toward its civic responsibilities, one must understand the social force that binds the members of such community to specific courses of action. To understand a community in such a way is to understand its key motivators, its very social fabric. This book is but one step towards a broader discussion and understanding of Portuguese-American politics in California.

California’s Portuguese Politicians – A Century of Legislative Service, is a limited edition and for this very reason we want to ensure that our longtime readers and supporters have the opportunity to acquire the book, prior to its release to the general public. To pre-order your book, go to: info@PortugueseBooks.Org, provide your email and mail addresses, as well as phone number and let us know the number of copies you wish to reserve, or call us at: 408-272-1222. You will be contacted in advance of the book’s availability to the general public, in order to purchase your reserved copy (ies).

Portuguese Heritage Publications of California, Inc. is a non-profit organization, created to research, preserve and disseminate vanishing memories and current relevant events about the Portuguese presence in California, for educational purposes.


Another First for Portuguese-American Writers!

AWP (Associated Writers Programs) is the largest writers conference in the world, having registered 12,000 attendees at the last conference in Boston. For the very first time in the history of the AWP conference, there will be a Portuguese American panel in the program at the 2014 conference in Seattle.

TITLE: Beyond Pessoa, the New Landscape of Portuguese-American Literature

DESCRIPTION: In recent years there has been a surge in the visibility of Portuguese-American literature. From early immigrant tales of fishermen, whalers, carpenters and factory workers, to modern day poetry and fiction about ethnicity, politics, and identity, this panel will discuss the landscape of Portuguese-American writing in the 21st century.

MERIT:  In 2011/12, there were over thirty new books by Portuguese-American writers, including two seminal anthologies published by Rutgers UP and Gavea-Brown, setting in motion the components for the start of a true new wave in ethnic literature in the United States and globally.  

The panel was proposed by our esteemed Board member Millicent Borges Accardi,  a Portuguese-American poet who has received literary fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), CantoMundo, the California Arts Council, Barbara Deming Foundation, and Formby Special Collections at Texas Tech University for research on the writer/activist Key Boyle. Her full-length poetry collection Injuring Eternity is with World Nouveau (Mischievous Muse Press), and a second collection, Only More So is forthcoming. She also has a chapbook, Woman on a Shaky Bridge with Finishing Line Press.

We recognize and congratulate Millicent on her effort to bring Portuguese-American writers to the forefront of American literature, at such a reputable forum.

Portuguese Heritage Publications of California, Inc. is a non-profit organization, created to research, preserve and disseminate vanishing memories and current relevant events about the Portuguese presence in California, for educational purposes.

For more information about Portuguese Heritage Publications and its published works, please visit: www.PortugueseBooks.Org

Power of the Spirit Goes Coastal

cayucosOur Award Winning book Power of the Spirit – A Portuguese Journey of Building Faith and Churches in California, has gone coastal in the last couple weekends with book introductions at the F.D.E.S Hall in Monterey and at Cayucos’ Conselho Beira-Mar.

The communities of both locations welcomed the PHPC representatives on hand and showed their enthusiasm by acquiring our books, particularly our last release Power of the Spirit, which is moving out the door very quickly. If you have not yet acquired your copy of Power of the Spirit, please do so as soon as possible before it sells out. You can purchase this and other PHPC published books at: www.PortugueseBooks.Org

Portuguese Heritage Publications of California, Inc. is a non-profit organization, created to research, preserve and disseminate vanishing memories and current relevant events about the Portuguese presence in California, for educational purposes.

Power of the Spirit – Successful Book Presentation in San Jose

Portuguese Heritage Publications launched its newly released publication  Power of the Spirit – A Portuguese Journey of Building Faith and Churches in California, yesterday May 23, at the Portuguese Athletic Club in San Jose. The book which has been selected as a finalist of the XV International Latino Book Awards, by the Cervantes Institute in New York was available for sale and signing by the authors.

Following presentations by Editor and Co-author Joe Machado and writer-contributor Miguel Avila,  hors d’oeuvres and refreshments were served. to those in attendance.

Portuguese Heritage Publications of California, Inc. is a non-profit organization, created to research, preserve and disseminate vanishing memories and current relevant events about the Portuguese presence in California, for educational purposes.

For more information about Portuguese Heritage and its publications, please visit us at: www.PortugueseBooks.Org and LIKE US on Facebook at Portuguese Heritage Publications.


Dia De Portugal 2013

dia de portugalPlan on attending and enjoying this great family event, “Dia De Portugal 2013”!

Date: Saturday, June 8th 2013 at 10:00 am – 6:00 p.m.

Location: History Park 1650 Senter Road, San Jose, CA  95112 (for GPS purposes use 635 Phelan)

Admission: FREE!

City parking is available for $6

About Dia De Portugal 2013 in San Jose

Join the Portuguese Heritage Society of California for a full day of entertainment, music, food, art and even a little Euro Soccer!

In June, Americans of Portuguese heritage join together with others throughout the world in a celebration of Portuguese culture – Dia de Portugal, de Camões e das Comunidades Portuguesas. On the second Saturday of the month, the Portuguese Heritage Society of California hosts its Dia de Portugal Festival. Enjoy a day of entertainment, savor a variety of Portuguese foods and watch a traditional Portuguese parade – there’s enjoyment for the entire family. It all takes place at History Park San Jose, location of the Portuguese Historical Museum.

– Information Courtesy of History/San Jose